Obtaining Life Insurance Despite Kidney Problems

Pre-existing health conditions can make it more difficult for people to get life insurance than those who are in good health. Finding an affordable policy for anyone with serious health issues can be a frustrating and long process.

When you purchase life insurance on the internet you are in essence entrusting your life’s value to a financial institution.

The insurance company will pay a benefit after you die to your beneficiaries.

Insurance companies avoid insuring those who have a high death rate compared to others who will live a healthy, long life.

Your chances of being approved for life insurance are significantly reduced if you have kidney problems. There is still a chance of getting a good rate based on your condition, the length of time you’ve had it, and whether or not you’ve fully treated it.

You may have heard that if you have kidney problems you cannot get life insurance. This is not true. Even if you have kidney problems, there are many options for quality and affordable life insurance.

What is Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is a term used to describe a number of diseases that affect the kidneys. The kidneys are the two bean-shaped, lower back organs that filter waste from the blood as well as regulate fluid and electrolyte balances in the body.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stat

According to the CDC , more than one in seven Americans or 37,000,000 people are estimated to suffer from chronic kidney disease.

There are many different types of kidney diseases, from acute conditions which develop quickly and are often reversible to chronic conditions, which progress slowly and eventually lead to kidney failure.

Chronic renal disease is also known as chronic kidney disease. It can cause a number of serious health issues if it’s not managed properly.

This table summarizes some of the most common kidney diseases, their symptoms and treatment options.

Types of Kidney DiseaseSymptomsTreatment
Acute Kidney InjurySwelling, confusion, fatigue and shortness of breathe are all symptoms that can accompany a sudden decrease in urine production.Dialysis in severe cases, IV fluids, medication to improve blood circulation to the kidneys
Chronic Kidney DiseaseSleep problems, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps are all symptoms of fatigue.Control of the underlying condition, e.g. Diabetes, high blood tension, lifestyle changes, medication, dialysis and kidney transplant
GlomerulonephritisHigh blood pressure, swelling, dark urine, blood in the urineCorticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs, blood pressure control
Polycystic Kidney DiseaseHigh blood pressure, kidney cysts, pain in the lower abdomen or side, and a large lump on the back.Dialysis, pain management, high blood pressure control, kidney transplant
Nephrotic SyndromeWeight gain, swelling, particularly in the ankles and feet, foamy urine or increased infection riskBlood pressure control, treatment of underlying conditions, suppression of the immune system.

It is not impossible to get life insurance if you have kidney disease.

If you have kidney issues, there are several options. You can search for an insurance company that accepts kidney patients, apply for premium financing or look at companies offering guaranteed life insurance. Group benefits are a good option if you work for an organization that offers life insurance. These benefits are easier to qualify.

Graded Insurance Policies

Consider a life insurance with graduated benefits if this is not an alternative for you. This type of insurance does not require a medical examination. This insurance can take up to three year to pay out.

The insurance company will not pay out the full face value of these plans if the insured passes away in the first two to three years following the purchase of the policy.

The waiting period should not deter you from purchasing one of these policies. It’s an excellent way to obtain coverage you would otherwise be unable to afford.

You can also choose to buy guaranteed insurance policies

No medical exam life insurance is offered by some companies. The rates are higher, but the coverage can range from $10,000 to $25,000. Use several of them to get the coverage that you need.

When you are shopping for life coverage, you should be aware that these policies have some disadvantages. As we have already mentioned, these policies are generally more expensive than plans that require a medical examination.

Without the medical examination, insurance companies have less information on which to base their insurance. They will charge you more each month to offset the risk.

The low amount of coverage that you can buy is another disadvantage. These plans do not offer enough coverage for most applicants. It’s important to have enough life insurance coverage to protect your family in the event of an accident.

These plans have some drawbacks, but they can be a good option for those who were previously declined insurance coverage by other companies. Your health should not prevent you from getting insurance.

You can provide for your family in the best way possible with a Life Insurance Policy.

If you were to die, you would want to provide your family with a nest egg of money to ensure their well-being. To learn more, click on your state.See An Estimate

You can also get premium financing

If you are at risk, this is an option to borrow money to pay for your life insurance. The bank guarantees the payment of the premiums and the insurance company promises to pay off the loan if the insured passes away. Banks will cover the payments of the loan in full or part. Standard loans will require you to make payments, but they will be less than the premiums you would have paid. If the loan has no recourse, it will be paid back from the death benefit of the insured.

Ask your doctor to speak with your insurance company’s underwriting department on your behalf. Your doctor might be able to provide a sworn statement about your health condition. It is also worth shopping around to various insurance companies, to find out which will let you get life insurance if you have kidney problems.

Your life insurance policy may be affected by kidney disease

Several medical conditions can impact your life insurance policy. Each medical condition has its own unique impact on insurance costs. Here are some sample conditions:

  • Kidney Stones
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Proteinuria
  • Renal Insufficiency

You may have kidney disease. Here are the questions we will need to ask you in order to find you the best life insurance rates and the right company.

  • Please give the date you were first diagnosed with kidney disease.
  • Please specify the name of kidney disease diagnosed by your doctor.
  • Please provide the approximate dates and measurements of your blood pressure readings.

Approximate date, systolic/diastolic reading.

  • Please inform your doctor of any recent or previous laboratory tests.
  1. a. Protein in urine (protein Urea)
  2. b. Blood in the Urine (Hemiaturia)
  3. c. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN level)
  4. d. Creatinine level.
  5. We need to know the date and level of the latest test, as well as the normal range of reference.
  • Does the proposed insured have any medications? List the medication taken, its name, dosage, frequency, and date of use.
  • Do you have any family history of kidney or cardiovascular disease in your family?
  • Please describe if yes.

Kidney Disease Insurance: How to Lower your premiums

These factors will all play a role in determining how much your life insurance costs. All of these factors and more will be considered by the company to calculate your life insurance premium. How much risk is involved? You are to be insured. You’ll pay more for your policy each month if you have a higher risk. You can save money by changing your lifestyle to lower the premiums.

Enhance Your Health

First, improve your health by incorporating diet and exercise. These two things will help you to lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate and more. Your monthly life insurance premiums will be lower the healthier you are.

Eliminate Tobacco Use

Tobacco use can also increase your chances to be approved for insurance and get lower rates. Smokers will pay more for insurance. It could even double your premiums.

Compare Premium Products

Also, be sure to compare premiums from different companies based on age. One company may have lower rates than another. It really depends on whether you can get insurance. Your chances of getting an insurance are much better if you’re in good health.

Bottom Line: Life Insurance With Kidney Disease

It’s one of the most important purchases you can make for your family. You may believe that it is impossible to get affordable life insurance if you have pre-existing conditions, such as kidney problems. This couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth. Do not wait to protect your family with the right insurance.

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