Establishing Sustained Objectives to Double Your Revenue

Brian Tracy: “People who have written down their goals achieve more than they could imagine in less time.”

Ten years ago I began my first coaching course called The Strategic Coach. This program was designed to help entrepreneurs grow exponentially.

This program truly is a game changer.

In the future, I will write blog posts about what I have learned and how it has helped me.

I hope you will also learn some important lessons that you can use in your life.

Every quarter I meet with like-minded business owners in a similar setting to a classroom and go over the materials for the day.

We celebrate the “wins” of the last quarter before we begin, so that we can recognize all we have accomplished over the past 90-days.

As busy as I can be, sometimes I lose track of the small or big wins.

Today, I’d like to talk more about the next section.


We spend another part of the day writing down our quarterly goals, updating our 3-year and life-long goals, as well revisiting and revising our one-year goals.

Before joining Strategic Coach I was in the habit of writing my goals down at the start of every year.

By publishing my blog post goals, I hoped to stay motivated and achieve more.

What happened to HTML0?

After I posted those, I wrote another post. Another. Then another. Then another. The point is:

These goals were forgotten and barely revisited.

My coaching program has helped me to review my goals regularly and I can see clearly what I have done and what needs to be done.

This discipline has produced exponential results both in my professional and personal life.

Since I began creating my goals and revisiting them regularly, my business revenue has grown by almost 100 percent. It’s even more impressive that I was able to organize my business so I could focus on what I enjoy doing, instead of the tasks I must do.

This is what I’ve said before: #gamechanger.

You will find below my latest set of goals, which I wrote a couple weeks ago. In the hope that you will find it useful, I have tried to be as open as possible.

Please keep in mind the following when determining some revenue targets: I have been a financial adviser for over 10 years and now am the CEO of my company. Read about my journey , here. And , here. My online business is also going strong for five years. My wife and I have a joint blog called Dollars & Roses where you can follow our journey.

Let’s look at what I want to achieve ….

Quartal Goals (This Quarter ends on January 25th, 2019)

1. Launch the Good Financial Cents podcast – This requires ordering an intro from, and recording 11 episodes (four before submitting it to iTunes).

2. Redesign of Good Financial Cents. Since mid-July, I have a designer on the project. Now that the design is finished, I need to hire someone to translate it into a new WordPress theme Genesis. Above you can see the colors of my podcast artwork. Here’s a second look at my logo.

3. Give a killer speech at the FinCon. I was there, I talked and I won. Here is my wife’s recap of the event.

4. Disney Cruises are great for families. We attended several conferences this summer and made a trip spontaneously to Pittsburgh to see one of Mandy’s blogging friends, but never went on a family vacation. Mandy had hoped that we could get a cruise for free through her blog. Unfortunately, that deal never materialized, and the summer ended abruptly.

Never been on a ship. My deployment in Iraq prevented me from going on the first cruise, while Mandy’s hiring by her former employer interfered the second. Because I hate winter so much, I decided to go somewhere warmer with my family. Already, I’m ready to leave!

5. Complete course for I began working as a “CFP” (Contributor For Pay) contributor with last year. The community was great, and still is, but the site needed a blogger with experience who could also provide credentials. I was the perfect person to help.

Signing up to their email list will allow you access to a free course on the main principles in my book. It’s important to get my brand and book even more exposure.

It’s also huge that I will offer the materials created for the course to my readers. There’s nothing better than working on a project which can be reused in many different places.

It wasn’t until I attended FinCon that this goal came to my attention. This is a great example of how you have to adapt on the spot and follow what’s popular.

One Year Goals

1. The total gross revenue of all businesses will be more than $750,000. All of my businesses online and Alliance Wealth Management, LLC will be included. My ultimate goal is for my online business to surpass the revenue from my financial planning firm.

Implement systems and processes to allow my team the majority of the workload. In order to achieve this, you will need:

  • Hire a partner who can become my Chief Investment Officer and will take care of the majority of client needs. (Realizing that certain “A clients” may want to keep working with me). This partner will be in charge of all new client relations.
  • [Done] Hiring a Director of First Impressions to manage all inbound and outgoing client calls. Brenta, our current shared support team member, will have the ability to train this person.
  • [Done] Transfer junior advisor to independent contractor status from 1099 salaried employee to manage life insurance division.

3. [Done] Create a Dollars and Roses podcast. We will aim to produce 2 podcasts a month. To help promote my book, I am still considering launching a Soldier of Finance Podcast. Note: I have decided to do the Good Financial Cents Podcast instead of the Soldier of Finance. (See quarterly goal.

Relinquish administrative duties for Good Financial Cents. Included in this is: posting schedules, images, meta tags, post formatting, and dealing with advertisers.

5. Plan a two-week family RV vacation. My mom and stepdad used to take me and a childhood buddy in an RV and drive. I have some of the most fond memories from my time touring northern California, Oregon and Nevada. My kids should have the same experience. Grand Canyon will be the only destination that is a “must-see”; all other destinations will be adventures.

Three Year Goals

1. The total revenue from all businesses will exceed $1,000,000 per year. The ultimate goal is to earn (after all expenses) at least $1 million per annum. Over 60% of my revenue is expected to come from online business.

2. My team will do the majority of work, including joint meetings, review meetings, and initial meetings, with larger clients. While I’ll conduct reviews meetings, the bulk of my time will be spent with my team. To make this a success, I must implement my plans.

3. Only content producer for Dollars and Roses and Good Financial Cents . The content would be writing meaningful blog posts, doing interviews and creating videos. In order to allow me the time I need, I will require:

  • Hire a blog editor/affiliate coordinator who can proofread and schedule all posts.
  • Automate your business by leveraging freelancers and VAs.

4. Travel abroad for at least 3 weeks with your entire family (4 is preferred).. Australia is my ideal destination. My wife thought that taking three young boys, ages 6, 3 and 2, and living overseas would cause more trouble than it was worth. Initially, I thought it was a joke. But then I remembered that our 2-year-old son can be quite a terror.

In 3 years I hope/figure/pray the Rose family will be prepared for their first European (or Australian!) vacation. vacation.

Goals for Lifetime

1. My household’s spiritual leader. My kids should see me as a father who loves God and puts faith before anything else. I will continue to love my wife and support her in a godly way.

2. I want to live a full and happy life with my family and wife. Raising my children with the philosophy of working hard but without sacrificing what you “love”; loving first and treating people with respect.

3. Own multiple businesses with different systems that generate >100,000 dollars in passive income per month.

4. Spend extended time in more than one country (minimum of 3 weeks) along with your family

5. Motivate over 1,000,000 individuals to invest in their own future. It can either be traditional investments (Roth IRAs, 401ks), obtaining a degree or certification or investing in a business. In the months to come, we will be focusing more on this.

6. Become a best-selling author and entrepreneur. I would like to be known as someone who is a dedicated worker and puts his family first.

What happens if I fail to achieve my goal?

Great question! When I fail to achieve my quarterly goals, I do not beat myself up about it. Most often, I fail to achieve my goals because of unexpected events that take priority over previous ones.

But sometimes, I just have bad goals and don’t even realize it until I begin to work on them. Although I am trying to improve, the odd bad idea sneaks into my head.

You can achieve your goals

Every quarter, I review these goals and adjust them accordingly. For me, revisiting these goals has been a huge step.

How long has it been since you last wrote your goals down? When was the last time that you revisited your goals?

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