About Us

As the tagline of this blog suggests, “Making ‘cents’ of your financial life,” is precisely our aim because I’ve personally experienced the fear, confusion, and uncertainty of striving for the next level.

Financial Sections is here to provide reliable advice, encouragement, and accountability, regardless of where you stand in your financial journey.

We foster meaningful discussions about money by crafting content tailored for you, our valued reader. Our articles reach millions of people and are widely referenced in the media.

Our approach is grounded in core principles that are timeless and serve as the fundamental building blocks for financial transformation.

Furthermore, although I no longer provide individual client services, we uphold the CFP Board’s code of ethics.

If you find yourself grappling with questions like these, rest assured that we have you covered:

  • Unsure how to commence your investment journey?
  • Need guidance on opening a Roth IRA?
  • Seeking strategies to boost your income?
  • Puzzled about the appropriate life insurance coverage?
  • Overwhelmed by the complexities of your 401k?

We are also here to demonstrate that even experts make financial mistakes and that we can all learn and grow together. I have personally made numerous mistakes, such as losing $5000 on a penny stock and experiencing setbacks in real estate investing. My hope is that you can learn from these lessons. Remember, overcoming mistakes is possible, and you can still live the life of your dreams.

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